We need drivers! We're delivering Food Box meals for seniors and shut-ins, as we always have. But right now we  urgently need 20 to 40 drivers to keep up with our commitments.

If we don't have enough drivers, we can't provide all the Food Box meals to seniors, shut ins, and poor families—like moms with little children.

As a driver you'll be delivering five to ten Food Boxes to people in our community, depending on whether you have a car or a pickup truck. The more drivers we have, the more needy people we can serve!

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Questions? Email Corrie at corriepcmm@aol.com. Thanks so much!

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The San Bernardino City Mission is a Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to healing our city, one life at a time.
We're feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, and offering hope in Jesus' name.

Interested? Send us a message. Or, give us a call at 909-649-0011.